About Us

Nowali of Sweden is a family owned clothing manufacturer formed in 2009 in Gällstad by David Geisler.

With the Nowali brand heritage and with more than 60 years’ accumulated industry experience at its core, Nowali of Sweden’s vision is to design, develop, market and sell its lifestyle brands to the global market.

Our Brands
Today, Nowali of Sweden markets clothes and accessories under the Nowali trademark. Our brand portfolio will expand gradually through development of new lines and through acquisition and further development of established brands.

Our Markets
Nowali of Sweden’s clothes and accessories now have outlets on four continents. Local sales and marketing is carried out by local independent agents and distributors.

Responsible Manufacturing
At Nowali of Sweden we believe that people and the environment are just as important as the products we make.

Nowali of Sweden does not own its own factories, instead maintaining a close partnership with production facilities based primarily in Sweden and Europe, but also in the Far East.

At Nowali of Sweden we want to be sure that the men and women who make our products are employed on fair terms. This conviction is always the foremost principle in our choice of supplier. We are also anxious that the materials that we use in production should be made with as little environmental impact as possible, as well as avoiding the use of chemicals which might entail a health risk either to manufacturers or to end users.

Nowali of Sweden’s vision is to establish leading Swedish brands in the global market. We will achieve this by managing and developing those qualities for which Sweden is famous worldwide, namely design, function, quality and sound business practices.